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When it comes to starting a new painting, I always begin by sketching out my ideas on my iPad using Procreate. I make sure to include colors, composition, and details I would like in my final painting. I then loosely sketch out that image onto my canvas using either burnt sienna acrylic paint or a graphite pencil. When it comes to the oil paints, I will usually start with the details of the face, such as the eyes, and make my way outward, frequently referring back to my original sketch. My dimensions most often range between 11”x14” and 12”x16” on both canvas as gesso board, and I plan to work larger in the future. In a recent project, I worked on a series of portraits in which emphasis was made on the aesthetics of each decade, focusing on hairstyle, color, makeup, accessories, and outfit. When working more illustration based, I enjoy using black ink to create detailed images, again, most often portrait-centered. Franklin Booth is a prominent inspiration for me when creating ink drawings, and I will refer to his work for technique when it comes to composing water or trees, or other elements of a landscape. These drawings are usually 12”x16” and done on Bristol paper. More recently, with the exposure to the model shop, I have taken much interest in lamp design and I am in the process creating lamps of my own, mostly inspired by the 70’s, as is much of my work. I have also enjoyed learning about the processes of printmaking, in which I am able to experiment with drawing styles and subject matter.

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